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Consumer Protection Attorneys in Little Rock, Arkansas

Consumers and small businesses bear the brunt of deceptive and unfair business practices.

Practice Areas

Automobile Fraud

We seek fair treatment for our clients in cases of automobile fraud, including vehicle lemon laws, faulty repairs, title and registration law, or even sales and financing terms. We strive to help clients find resolution in situations of unfair practices in owning, leasing, or purchasing a vehicle.

Debt and Credit Law

We serve clients with debtor and creditor law, helping them find solutions involving a wide range of problems, from credit denial, credit reports, debt defense, privacy invasion, and unwanted telephone calls. Our firm defends our client’s rights in often difficult to navigate situations.

Consumer Protection

We help clients return to normalcy in their lives after predatory sales or marketing practices disrupted their lives. Certain marketing and sales practices are illegal, not just annoying or an inconvenience. We help clients take action to stop consumer deception and abuse.

Employment and Real Estate Law

We help clients with routine tasks involved in employment, real estate, and landlord-tenant law and more in-depth legal remedies. Our attorneys are well versed in background check and employment application law, tenant and insurance screenings, and privacy laws, and whistleblower law.

Telemarketing and Data Breaches

We help clients who are being harassed by unwanted telemarketing calls. We also serve clients whose personal or private information was stolen as the result of a data breach. Often, increased telemarketing calls and scam phone calls can be the sign that you may be the victim of a data breach.

Class Actions

We help clients bring class action suits when a individual legal action isn’t the best course of action. When suitable, class actions can help more than just one individual caught up in predatory or illegal business practices, helping to shape the future of how companies treat consumers.

About Our Consumer Protection Firm

Consumer protection attorneys at Crowder McGaha, LLP have years of experience in federal and state courts fighting for consumers and getting clients fair treatment in multi-party suits. Our lawyers have won cases both big and small in their mission to help level the playing field for consumers.

Consumers caught up in unfair practices deserve fair treatment and resolution when corporations or businesses have falsely represented their products or services. Our firm helps relieve the financial and emotional burdens consumers suffer when businesses don’t play by the rules.

If you have been taken advantage of by predatory practices or your rights have been violated, contact the Crowder McGaha Firm today to find out how our consumer protection lawyers may help you.


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If a company has violated your rights, our consumer protection lawyers in Little Rock, Arkansas can help. Crowder McGaha, LLP works tirelessly for clients to protect consumer rights.

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