Month: November 2015

  • Arbitration: New Battles Are Coming

    The New York Times recently ran a three-part series. The series shows how various corporations – phone companies, credit card providers, nursing homes – use arbitration clauses to avoid judges and juries, who are the back bone of American’s constitutional justice system. What does the expansion of arbitration mean for consumers? If you have a legal […]

  • Zombie Debt and Phantom Debt

    The week after Halloween, the Federal Trade Commission announced it had slayed some zombie debt and phantom debt collectors. The zombies and phantoms you saw trick-or-treating on your street did not cause you to lose sleep. But, zombie debt and phantom debt cause real life nightmares for consumers. The nightmare starts when a consumer is looking for […]

  • Inaccuracies

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently took action against General Information Services and, Inc. The employment background screening reports provided by these companies through contain serious inaccuracies and illegally included information. These illegal reports were then provided to job applicants’ prospective employers. These companies provided 10 million consumer reports about job applicants every year. Employers […]