Credit and Debt Law

Credit and debt laws encompass more than just debt defense. Many people who take legal action have tried their best to do what they could to make bad situations better. However, taking legal action is often the last resort.

Debt is complex and understanding the laws about debt collections and debt practices can be difficult for most consumers. Credit and debt collection companies know that most consumers have difficulty navigating the law surrounding debt and credit. Some of these companies intentionally take advantage of consumers with credit scams, harassment and abuse, and deceptive offers that lock consumers into bad deals.

We serve clients with a wide range of legal advice related to credit and debt issues, helping clients find ways to repair damage done to their credit history and find peace from harassment.

How We Help Debt and Credit Victims

Credit and debt law is extremely complex, though in certain cases there are clear-cut rules of how companies must interact with consumers. For instance, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) sets out rules for how debt collectors can contact consumers and how they must interact with consumers.

Whether a client’s identity has been stolen, they’re suffering from abusive debt collection practices, or they were victim in a credit scam, we can often help clients find the best path forward towards repairing their lives. We listen to our clients to full understand their case and the details of what happened that may have led to credit or debt issues.

Each case is different, each client affects us. We work on client’s cases with the goal of righting wrongs that may have been committed and returning our client’s lives to normalcy. We strive to reduce the financial burdens and emotional stress that often accompanies credit and debt issues.

Debt Defense Attorneys in Arkansas

Debt can wreak havoc on your life in many ways, not just financially. Sometimes individuals do everything they can to pay back debts but situations occur where there’s no path forward. We help clients who suffer from crippling debt to find a path forward. Contact us to find out how.

Credit Fraud or Deception Victims

Credit fraud and deception are common these days, with millions of individuals and groups targeting Americans with illegal practices and scams. These scams are so common that there are divisions of the FBI and Federal Trade Commission that deal solely with these kinds of scams.

Some of these credit scams intend to steal personal information but others are designed to trap consumers into crippling cycles of debt that seem never to end. At Crowder McGaha, LLP, we work with clients to put a stop to credit scams and fraud and repair damage done to our clients. Contact us to find out how.

Stop Abusive Debt Collectors

There are many instances when someone might need a debt defense lawyer and it doesn’t always mean they didn’t pay their debts. Sometimes identity theft or mistaken information leads debt collectors to certain individuals who never had the debt. Often, these debt collection agencies bought information from another collector, resulting in inaccurate, incorrect, or outdated debt collection information. You might have already paid the debt in full or never had the debt.

Many of these debt collectors use abusive and illegal tactics to force consumers to pay debts, even if the debt isn’t real. If you are being harassed by a debt collector, Crowder McGaha, LLP may help. Contact us to find out how.

Are you a victim of illegal credit or debt practices?

In today’s economy, our credit scores and credit histories dictate much of how we live our lives. Protecting our credit history and privacy from predatory and illegal practices is difficult as technology outpaces security. There is a wide range of practices that violate consumer protection laws related to debt and credit law, including:

  • Identity Theft
  • Credit Denial
  • Credit Discrimination
  • Debt Defense
  • Deceptive Credit Offers
  • Privacy Invasion – Background Checks
  • Credit Reports
  • Credit Repair Scams
  • Debt Reduction Scams
  • Employment Screening
  • FCRA
  • Inaccurate, Incorrect or Obsolete Information
  • Debt Collection
  • Arbitration
  • Collection Lawsuit Defense
  • Debt Already Paid
  • Debt Reduction Scams
  • False Information
  • Harassment and Abuse
  • Letters and Telephone Calls
  • Not My Debt

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